Shops at Greenbank

Thinking of moving to Greenbank?  Everything you need to know about the 'PDA' and what's in store for SEQ's growth corridor


For those lucky enough to call Greenbank home, it is no surprise the area is set for strong growth over the next decade.

With leafy surrounds, ample amenity and a location close the Brisbane city, Greenbank provides homeowners with a unique lifestyle opportunity many would envy.

As more families prepare to make the move to the area, how will it evolve over the coming years?

The team at Everleigh is working with the State Government to ensure the Greenbank of tomorrow offers everything needed to support this thriving community - including new schools, community centres and other major infrastructure, alongside new homes.

This strategy is guided by the Government's Priority Development Area (or PDA) Development Scheme,  You've probably heard of it, but what does it actually mean for you?  Here's our quick guide.



A Priority Development Area (PDA) Development Scheme is essentially established to encourage the housing and infrastructure necessary to  meet the needs of a growing population, while remaining sensitive to the existing community. 

Greater Flagstone was identified as a ‘growth corridor’ and declared a PDA in 2010, and the Everleigh community is being developed on a parcel of land within that area.


Greenbank falls within the Greater Flagstone area, identified as a PDA in the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

The Scheme acts as a guide for development, ensuring important community items such as schools, major parks, emergency services stations, health centres and shopping centres are located close to residents. It also takes into account roads, water and sewer too.

Developers, including Mirvac, contribute towards the various community projects planned for the PDA, along with providing new homes to meet a growing and diverse range of needs in the region.


The idea of a PDA is to add to the appeal of a community by encouraging the development of new infrastructure and lifestyle amenities that will support the population.

Several public projects have been earmarked for the region, including an abundance of recreation parks, walking trails and a new regional sports park at Everleigh, to make sure the community is a place where families can grow, engage and connect.

The State Government has planned a number of schools too, including a State primary within the Everleigh community, while a site for a new State high school has been identified  just four kilometres away. 

Everleigh will also be home to a State community health centre and a neighbourhood retail centre.

In the wider PDA footprint, a whole host of amenities - from a library to art centre, ambulance and police stations, are also set to be developed as the area continues to grow.

Community projects like these will not only provide enjoyment for residents – they’ll provide new opportunities too, such as creating jobs during construction and operation that will help keep residents working close to home.