A photo in front of your ‘sold’ sign, seeing the slab go down and the frame come up – there is nothing as thrilling as building your own home!

From the very first step of finding the perfect lot, to deciding on a builder and choosing your style, there are many decisions to make along the way. That’s why we love following Everleigh’s newest residents as they share their journey on Instagram.

A picture is worth a thousands words, so if you are building your new home or thinking about it and are looking for some inspiration, we have put together a list of our top five faves who will have you cheering as they turn their dream home into reality here in Everleigh at Greenbank.



If you love Hamptons styling, then this is the account for you! Jacob and Steph (pictured) are first home buyers whose Instagram account is full of helpful hints, style inspiration and humor - everything you need when building a new home.

Building with Coral Homes, @hamptonsoneverleigh will show you everything you need to know, from their lot purchase to shopping for interior fittings and everything in-between. They even have a helpful post with a checklist of what you need to begin your build.

“We started documenting our journey because we wanted to show the reality of building a new home. We would also love to inspire people with some of our choices,” says Steph.

The Hamptons inspired feed has us longing for the beach, from the façade colour choice, to the dark toned flooring and wood furnishings, we cannot wait to see the finished home.

“The feeling of going up the coast and staying in a unit is the vibe we wanted to bring into our home. We love anything beach related so we think Hamptons style is perfect for bringing a sense of water and relaxation home," says Steph.

With their build just kicking off, if you are thinking of building your own Hamptons inspired home, check out @hamptonsoneverleigh and watch as their dream becomes a reality.



We love experiencing this family's excitement as they build their new home with Coral Homes at Everleigh. Single dad Aaron and his two sons, who he describes as his world, have been sharing their progress as their new home goes up.

@ournewhome3 is taking a clean, fresh and modern approach, incorporating earthy tones. Aaron says the journey has been filled with emotion, since he first found his lot last year.

“Receiving the news that you have a build start date is unbelievable and the feeling you get when you see your brand new slab for the first time, when the frame goes up and the roof goes on – it is like Christmas when you were a child,” he says.

“Fingers crossed the build will be completed late April or early May. We are certainly counting down the days until we get to call Everleigh home.”

With the build 99% complete we cannot wait to see some more style inspiration. Follow Aaron and his sons and check out their brand new home - it is sure to put a smile on your face.                



Adam and Tkaay are setting up their future with their first home here in Everleigh. The New Zealand-born couple, along with their adorable fur child, have been filling their social media feed with progress pictures and styling inspiration.

Building with Oracle Platinum Homes, they have chosen a single level floor plan, adding their own creative flair by incorporating a media room, extending the alfresco area, changing the layout of the master and more, proving you can make any floor plan work for you.

“Our building journey has definitely been a whirlwind full of ups and downs, mainly ups thankfully but by sharing our journey we’ve gotten so many tips, tricks and advice from the Instagram community we are now a part of,” says Tkaay.

Follow along as they share every step of their journey, including how they found their perfect lot, transformed their floor plan and all the stages of the build to date - from footings to front door installation.

“We are not sure what you would call our style but we wanted to create a home that was warm and inviting while modern. We’re keeping the colour scheme pretty cohesive so you’ll be able to see our colour choices throughout our home,” says Tkaay.

Choosing light colours for the interior, with touches of matte black accessories and appliances, you will no doubt be inspired when scrolling through this feed, so if you are looking for design choice inspo, cheer alongside this young couple as their house becomes a home.




Fourth time builder Liz Civil knows a thing or two about building a new home. So if you want to see how someone with a couple of builds under their belt goes about the process, this is the account to follow.

Building for the first time with Brighton Homes, Liz has chosen a single level floor plan, making some adjustments to better suit her family. With a teenage son, she was able to extend the size of the third bedroom to provide more space, and extend the outdoor area.

“Each build gets easier but with this, being our fourth build, I was blown away with the customer service and how helpful everyone has been - even after settlement. In previous estates, once they have your money the care often stops, but we did not experience that with Everleigh,” says Liz.

Choosing a light exterior and a black and white interior, Liz shows us every build is just as exciting as the first.

“We wanted to share our journey so people can experience the build with us as it might help anyone thinking of building to understand how the process works,” she says.



A mood board of style and progress, @capri_in_everleigh is nearing the finish of their journey and we are excited to see the end result!

Building with Coral Homes, @capri_in_everleigh chose the Capri 26 after falling in love with the floor plan. Their feed offers a great mix of inspiration and building images, from kitchen mood boards to steel framing. When stuck on choices, they ignite their comments section asking for advice from followers.

If you want information about fire places, façade colours and door types, @capri_in_everleigh is the account to check out for inspiration.


Building a home is an exciting journey and we love that these new Everleigh residents have decided to share it with us, fellow residents and future home builders! If you are thinking about joining them, make an appointment to speak to the Everleigh sales team to find out more about turning your dream home build into reality!