Paving the way in construction at Everleigh in Greenbank

Meet Bec Smith, one of the many women building (and loving) a career within South East Queensland’s construction industry.

A team leader for Evolve Environmental Solutions, Bec and her crew have been working on site at Everleigh, Mirvac’s masterplanned community in the heart of Greenbank.

The six-person posse have been helping with the revegetation and rehabilitation of the Everleigh site, jute matting bio retention basins and clearing weeds from the adjoining conservation parkland.

It’s hard, physical work (especially in the summer heat), but Bec says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m definitely an active, ‘outdoorsy’ person. I love being in the wild, getting to learn about all the different species we work with and just doing my best to help make our natural areas better,” says Bec.

“It’s a passion of mine. I love having my hands in the dirt and planting. It’s quite satisfying to get rid of all the bad weeds in bushland and replace them with new, beneficial plants.

“The wildlife we get to see every day of the week is unreal! From scorpions to snakes and spiders. We spot plenty of frogs near the waterways and native birds like kookaburras – it feels great to learn something new every day.”

Bec was the first female to join the Evolve team, which she has now been with for more than two years after completing a conservation land management traineeship.

“I found it quite special. I got the nickname ‘mother hen’, because I look after my coworkers and really try and take them under my wing. I would do anything to help anyone,” says Bec.

“I love my career, it’s exactly what I wanted for my life – I’d never look back! I work with a great bunch of guys, we have a lot of mutual respect and really enjoy working together.”

Since Bec came on board, more women have been hired by Evolve and she says she’s starting to see more women enter the industry as a whole.

“It’s great to see women getting involved in such a traditionally male dominated industry. We are all equal at the end of the day – and girls can do this kind of work too,” she says.

Come and see Bec and her crew’s amazing softscapes for yourself at Everleigh on 146 Teviot Road, Greenbank, or learn more about Evolve Environmental Solutions by visiting their website.