New Park Opens at Everleigh

Why Play is Paramount

The littlest Greenbank residents are enjoying a brand new playground, following the official opening of Everleigh’s $5.1 million parkland precinct complete with event space and walking trails.

It’s an essential part of Mirvac’s vision for the masterplanned community of Everleigh, which has a focus on delivering both open spaces and a true sense of neighbourly spirit.

Ben Urban, who has the envious title of professional play consultant through his company Urban Play, worked with Mirvac and Form Landscape Architects to create the junior playground that now calls Everleigh home.

“Our job as play consultants is to add play value and fun. The main purpose of a playground is to have fun, keep people engaged and promote a sense of community,” says Ben.

“We think it’s going to be a huge success and draw card for Everleigh, and certainly make a lot of people happy - children and adults alike.

“There is something suitable here for all age groups. We make an effort to develop spaces where parents want to come into the space and play as well.”

For the younger kids

Everleigh’s playground features a junior multi-play activity tower designed for children aged up to six. There is also a classic swing set featuring two seats and a custom-designed ‘bird’s nest’ swing.

“Having age specific products is great for younger children, it helps them hone their motor skills with confidence,” says Ben.

“And visitors will notice the aesthetic of the playground keeps to the ‘ribbon effect’ shape that can be found throughout the Everleigh community - there are no straight lines.”

For the older kids (and young at heart)

Once the kids have mastered the junior tower, they can move onto the custom obstacle course – which will provide an exciting (and challenging!) way to hone the skill set of growing children.

“We designed the reeds to appeal to children and adults, to bring them in and make them feel like they were playing amongst them as they took on the obstacles,” explains Ben.

“Children have a wonderful way of interpreting things and we hope that this prompts that stimulation into playing a little differently.”

Ben says his team do their best to put their own stamp on the playgrounds they create – to provide the perfect setting for happy memories of generations to come.

“Green spaces like this one provide a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together – they may not know each other at first, but children playing have a way of bringing a neighbourhood together,” says Ben.

But it’s not just the kids who should get involved – Ben’s message is that people of all ages should never stop playing.

“Play is paramount! It’s a form of free expression and one of the only environments where you don’t have rules placed on you," he says.

“A playground, and the sense of community it brings, is an important way to bring laughter and joy.”

See the new Everleigh playground for yourself at Everleigh Drive in Everleigh, off Teviot Road, Greenbank.