We’ve officially rolled out the welcome mat, with Everleigh’s first homes now fully complete and ready for new residents to move into and enjoy life in the heart of Greenbank.

The newly-built properties include a four bedroom beauty by Ambassador Homes, which is on display and turning heads with its modern and ‘Insta-worthy’ design style.

We  chatted with the interior designer behind the styling of 1310 Vine Way, Valiant’s Elle Fullard, to get some advice for future residents on how to best make their new house, a home.

Plan ahead

Elle says the key to creating a space that is visually-appealing is to keep the look cohesive through well-thought out design.

“Planning is key to make this happen - in any design concept,” she says.

“I always begin any interior design brief by establishing a mood board, which really sets the tone for the concept and makes a great starting point.

“It also stops you from being distracted or going off-track from your dream look.”

Have fun with floorplans

After you’ve settled on a mood board, highlighting your look’s palette, products and styles, Elle says it’s time to nail the floorplan.

“Don’t overlook the importance of floor plans and furniture placement,” advises Elle.

“It’s the number one design component to any space and has a huge impact on function and flow.”

Keep it fresh

Adding greenery to any space can help make the room feel fresh and lively, according to Elle.

“I’d suggest using a cluster of plants, either layering some by height on the floor, or arranging some on key areas like the kitchen island, coffee table or entrance console,” she says.

“Another easy and achievable addition to any space is a fresh scented candle.

“Not only does it do the room justice with adding fragrance, it’s also a pleasing visual accent to any space when lit.”

Think of the long run

To stand the test of time, Elle says picking the right colours for your interior design is the best foundation.

“Classic colours and neutrals are great choices to keep your interior from looking dated, think whites, greys and blacks.

“If you are wanting to be a little more adventurous, while still being cautious of longevity, try opting for softer shades of blue or green.”

Make a statement

“Artwork all the way!”

Elle says artwork is the perfect way to help make a statement in your home and add personality to your space.

“It’s not structural and can be easily changed when you want to update the space in the future," she says.

“At the moment, Rattan is also a strong statement trend, and adds a relaxed aesthetic to any space.

“It also ties into the current trend of retro furniture that references products and shapes from the seventies and eighties, but in a modern way.”

The cherry on top

For residents moving into a brand new home, Elle suggests some smaller touches to really help  make a home feel ‘lived in’.

“Cushions, rugs and throws are the best way to start,” advises Elle.

“It can be overwhelming when it’s your new home, so do one room at a time.

“Then adding personal touches, like artwork and family belongings, helps to add charm and make a home your own.”

Don’t forget

Elle was also kind enough to share the best piece of styling advice she’s ever heard - “remember to have fun”.

“It’s your space, so let your personality shine!” she says.

Ellle Fullard is an interior designer for Valiant’s Brisbane Residential Styling team. For details on Valiant’s property styling, please visit

For more information on homes open for inspection at Everleigh please call 07 3859 5960, or visit our Sales Office at 146 Teviot Road, Greenbank.