Young Everleigh homeowners give advice on buying first home

We cannot help but be inspired by the young first home buyers who've worked hard to build their dream home here in Everleigh. Paige, and couples Emily and Riley, and Isaac and Nicole, are all aged under 22-years-old and are proud Everleigh homeowners.

Here’s their top tips and advice for other young Aussies looking to enter the real estate market.


Cut down on spending

When it comes to buying a property, it is fair to say it is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make.

Paige, 22, did not know where to start, but after setting a few saving goals, she moved into the property market sooner than anticipated.

“I never thought about buying a home because I thought it was unachievable,” she says.

“However, after figuring out that I could financially afford to do it on my own, I got really excited to build what could be my future family home at Everleigh. My dream became my reality.”

Paige says her top tips to fast track a first home purchase include: cutting down on excessive spending, limiting purchases on clothes and takeaways and even starting a small side business.

“Every cent helps,” she says.

“A specific goal is important too. I recommend first home buyers chatting to their bank about how much you could borrow based on your income, and then the deposit amount you would need to save based on that. Once you know that, you can work out a realistic and achievable budget.”


Focus on essentials and long-term goals

Teenagers Riley, 18, and Emily, 19, agreed that saving for a home was hard – but not impossible.

Day by day, with bricks and mortar, the couple are watching their first home being built at the master planned community in Greenbank.

“The hardest part for us was saving diligently and being smart with our money,” Emily says.

“Throughout the process, we tried to encourage each other to save and think of the bigger picture.

“Our best advice would be only spending money on essentials and staying focused on the long-term goal. Being a homeowner may feel like a distant dream; however, be patient, because the short-term pain is worth it.”


Try living with family while you save

After purchasing a piece of land at Everleigh, Isaac 21, and Nicole, 22, also have a few tips for fellow first home buyers.

“If it is an option for you, we suggest living at home while you save,” Isaac says.

“We also put a minimum amount in our savings each week that we could not withdraw from.

“Remember, it takes time to save a decent deposit, so stay determined and enjoy the process.”


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